7 Jobs in Australia to Choose in Coronavirus Crisis

7 Jobs in Australia to Choose in Coronavirus Crisis

More people are losing jobs in Australia as the ongoing pandemic intensely affects the country’s economy. Westpac’s Chief Economist Bill Evans expects the unemployment rate to soar in this year’s second quarter with 814,000 individuals being laid off or stood down.

In cooperation with the Australian government, numerous businesses have shut down operations to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. However, limiting security measures have cost people their jobs and livelihood. While the creation of the $550 safety net per fortnight has provided sustenance for those who went jobless, some industries are now in desperate need of additional staff.

Job advertisement portal, Adzuna, reports that daily job posts have dropped by 20 per cent between 1st and 15th of March. In contrast, part-time and casual openings have increased by 22 per cent worldwide.

Currently, thousands of job opportunities are available on job ad search engines such as Jora, Seek, and Indeed. Here are some common work prospects.

1.      Healthcare jobs in Australia

Callum Pickering, an APAC economist of Indeed, said: “Healthcare has been a booming industry for years, but the current crisis will push the sector to its limits.” He predicts there will be an increase in demand for health professionals such as nurses, doctors, and even occupational therapists.

Tejas Deshpande, the Country Manager for Adzuna in Australia, also, noted a 67 per cent upsurge of nursing jobs in March and a total of 197 per cent of health job openings in Australia. He said COVID-19 began a rise in demand for positions such as hotline consultants, healthcare operators, and registered nurses for coronavirus testing clinics recently. Health insurers such as Medibank have put up coronavirus hotlines and now require phone operators.

Indeed and Seek have revealed an increasing demand for administrative assistants for facilities such as hospitals and doctor’s offices.

2.      Community and Development Services Jobs

Child and family support personnel, facility managers, case managers, social workers, care coordinators, and psychologists are needed gradually. However, not all openings need qualifications or licence to practise. Healthcare providers, including care homes, are looking for administration officers to help with the demands of the ageing population in Australia.

3.      Superstores Jobs

Coles has recently opened 5,000 vacancies for casual staff to help with store operations. On the other hand, Woolworths has opened 900 job opportunities for its stores across Australia and New Zealand. Openings include roles for online assistants, customer assistants, qualified bakers, and graveyard-shift shelf stackers.

Even with the opening hours reduced, superstores are still in need of additional workforce to keep up with consumer demands. Pickering noted that because shoppers are stockpiling and panic-buying, they created a mounting demand for store workers.

4.      Delivery and Labour Jobs

Restaurants, cafés, pubs, clubs, and other eateries have closed operations after the Federal Government ordered a partial lockdown across Australia on Sunday. Hence, food businesses have begun offering takeaway services to continue bringing food to their customers.

Companies such as Deliveroo, Menulogs, and Uber Eats have partnered with restaurants and eateries; therefore, increasing the need for delivery drivers, couriers, and casual labourers.

5.      Teaching Jobs

As schools across the world close down, an increase for online tutors has risen too. Popular tutoring portals such as Airstudy, LearnMate, Tutors Field, and Cluey Learning are scouring for Australian teachers to teach their students.

6.      IT Jobs

To keep up with the sudden increase of work-at-home jobs, technical support staff and systems administrators are currently in high demand. Amazon, in February, has announced opened positions for 36,000 IT roles with over 300 of the jobs in Australia.

Aaron McEwan, the Vice President of Research and Advisory of Gartner, said: “The biggest challenge stems from the lack of technology infrastructure and lack of comfort with new ways of working.” More IT roles such as programmers, coders, and web developers have opened in recent years as the demand for more virtual products and online services soars higher.

Work in digital design services such as web development, logo designing, UX experts, or e-commerce specialists is also available in job marketplace platforms such as Fiverr, Airtasker, and Upwork. Because of the coronavirus lockdown, small business owners and sole proprietors will have to shift to a digital business model to reach their customers online.

7.      Telecommunication and Business Process Outsourcing Jobs

To ensure all Australians will have the opportunity to work remotely, telecommunication companies will have to do their part as well.

Telstra, last week, said it would need 1,000 heads for its call centres under a temporary contract. Furthermore, the company guaranteed it would put job reductions at a temporary halt.

Its industry partner, TSA Telco Group, are also employing telemarketing and customer service specialists for its call centres, and these roles are work from home opportunities.

More jobs in Australia are readily available in social media apps. Search on Facebook for groups such as Jobs for C-19 Victims or find new openings through their jobs tab. If you want to offer volunteer services, though, NGOs and charity organisations are looking for dedicated individuals. Browse on platforms such as GoVolunteer for volunteer positions in your community.

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