CEO Outlines Woolworths' Sanitary Steps, Addresses Panic Buying

CEO Outlines Woolworths’ Sanitary Steps, Addresses Panic Buying

SYDNEY, Australia – Brad Banducci discussed the sanitary measures that Woolworths is taking as Australia fights the coronavirus pandemic.

The chief executive officer of Woolworths Group, which operates the chain of grocery stores and supermarkets in the country, sent an e-mail to customers on Friday.

Banducci confirmed that they are introducing new guidelines for their consumers, which will modify the manner that they shop.

Moreover, he cited that all the stores of the firm had increased the cleaning routines they perform.

Plenty of these branches of the supermarket have already doubled their cleaning time daily, based on the report by Australian news outlet 7News.

Banducci said that the Woolworths cleaners had previously disinfected their shopping facilities for five hours.

However, members of their cleaning personnel are now performing the sanitary measures for ten hours, he remarked.

Furthermore, the company head said that they had upgraded by utilising hospital-grade cleansers.

They are concentrating on the regular cleansing of surfaces, including the counters in the shopping facilities, he added.

Banducci relayed that their customers would begin to witness plenty of their team members putting on safety gloves, too.

These staff members comprise checkout operators who would also perform thorough hand-washing, he stated.

The Woolworths Group head also outlined the new in-store social distancing rules. He said that these measures would safeguard their supermarket shoppers.

Banducci remarked that these steps include customers utilising tap-and-pay payment method whenever they could.

Plus, he said that they are directing their clients to follow the floor markings at the checkouts.

Finally, Banducci pointed out that they are mandating their customers to use the size of their trolley as a distance guide between them and the other supermarket shoppers.

The supermarket executive requested their customers that, before coming into the shopping facility, they should have already sanitised or washed their hands as well.

Banducci mentioned in his e-mailed message to their customers that they are adopting the new shopping guidelines in the spirit of equality for all the people of Australia.

He affirmed that the current times are undoubtedly trying periods for all the citizens because of the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic in their lives.

The Woolworths Group head emphasised that their objective is similar to other grocery retailers in the country.

They target the provision of the crucial products that their customers require, such as food and other essentials, he said.

However, Banducci confirmed that they need the cooperation of their consumers. Last week, the company’s management introduced more restrictions on their offerings.

Furthermore, they launched a dedicated shopping hour for vulnerable people and senior citizens.

Banducci relayed that such measures had gotten off to a challenging beginning, yet the situation is getting better.

Also, he proclaimed that they had decided to extend the provision of the exclusive shopping hour for at least one more week.

He affirmed that they desire to perform everything they could to assist the consumers who they believe are in need the most.

In plenty of Woolworths supermarket branches and grocery stores, panic buying has been a dilemma among shoppers.

Banducci acknowledged this massive surge in demand for essentials in the last four weeks, involving the substantial need for food and other necessities that the supermarket sells.

He cited that his scenario translated to shoppers encountering product shortages on the shelves of the supermarket and grocery facilities.

In light of these events, Banducci requested the customers to respect the limits of the products.

He implored them to purchase only what they need.

Banducci relayed that, in this manner, more than enough of the essential grocery items would become available, and that other shoppers could benefit as well.

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