Coles Offers 5,000 Job Openings to Those Hit by COVID-19 Job Loss

Coles Offers 5,000 Job Openings to Those Hit by COVID-19 Job Loss

Today, Coles announced new job openings after conducting a recruitment drive a fortnight ago, which saw the successful hiring of 7,000 applicants. The Australian supermarket giant would need more hands in its stores including shelf stackers, customer service and checkout staff, as well as 100 qualified bakers for its in-store bakeshops.

With the heightened demand in their supermarkets, Coles has decided to extend its massive recruitment drive by adding 5,000 new roles to fill-in positions in all of their stores across the country. It came not long after the company recruited 7,000 workers, filling in 6,500 casual jobs, 430 part-time positions, and 80 full-time management roles.

From the 7,000 positions filled, 2,000 were in New South Wales, 1,800 in Queensland, 1,700 in Victoria, 700 in Western Australia, 600 in South Australia, 100 in both Tasmania and the Northern Territory, and 90 in the ACT.

When completed with the new recruitment campaign, Coles would have employed 12,000 new employees in a matter of weeks.

All new hires presumably came from a variety of sectors such as fitness, sport, travel, and hospitality. It emerged from companies redeploying their skilled workers such as baristas, personal fitness trainers, and flight attendants to take supermarket roles and were fast-tracked into liquor shops and supermarkets.

Coles decided to have new job openings because of continued panic-buying and stockpiling, which left store shelves empty. Moreover, the sudden increase in joblessness has stemmed from numerous companies, either closing down or forced to stand down employees due to the market crash brought by the viral outbreak.

Growing Unemployment Problem in Australia

Major employers have announced massive workforce reductions after COVID-19 affected numerous industry sectors globally.

On Wednesday, one of Australia’s largest airline companies, Virgin Australia, stood down 8,000 employees along with all pilots in their low-cost carrier, Tiger Airways. Similarly, Qantas Airways and Jetstar also stood down 20,000 of their 30,000 labour force last week.

Star Entertainment, on the other hand, stood down 8,100 of its staff, while Crown Resorts stood down 10,000, leading a massive loss in the casino workforce.

Casual hospitality personnel also lost their shifts after the federal government ordered a lockdown on businesses including gyms, cinemas, and pubs beginning on Monday.

While caf├ęs and restaurants were allowed only to cater takeaway orders for delivery, keeping their staffing to a bare minimum have left many jobless in the process.

Supermarket Job Openings for Unemployed Australians

Coles CEO Steven Cain announced that casual roles were not the only vacancies. Positions for full-time roles will also be available. He added how delighted Coles was with the response in the recruitment call-out two-weeks ago.

To ensure the hiring process would be quick, Coles will streamline its recruitment process and assign a specialised team to fast-track job applications sent in by their corporate partners including Virgin Australia and The Australian Venue Co.

Cain declared the company would do everything to support jobs and the local economy amidst the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring Australians availability of essential goods and fresh food.

Interested applicants may directly go to a local Coles store or check out the Coles Careers page online for newly posted job openings.

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