Prime Minister Feels Sad for Business Community, Promises More Help

Prime Minister Feels Sad for Business Community, Promises More Help

CANBERRA, Australia – Australian Prime Minister Scott John Morrison expressed his profound sadness over the current plight of the business ventures in the country.

On Sunday, Australia’s head of government ordered plenty of domestic businesses to shut down their operations temporarily.

This mandate takes effect from midday today. Plus, it primarily aims to fight the intensification of coronavirus cases.

Morrison delivered a national address last night, saying that he feels genuinely dismal for the business owners and the employees which his decision would affect.

Moreover, Morrison affirmed that these people would grapple from the inevitable economic difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the local enterprises that will close temporarily include movie theatres, pubs, gyms, and casinos.

Furthermore, Singapore-based daily newspaper The Straits Times reported that Morrison ordered the closure of nightclubs, churches, and other locations for worship.

As for the food service providers, which comprise catering ventures, cafés, and restaurants, Morrison relayed that he ordered these enterprises to limit their operations in the meantime as well.

For now, these companies would only perform takeaway and home delivery services, he said.

After one conference of the national Cabinet, Morrison also remarked that classrooms in schools should remain open.

He cited that students could come to school until the end of this semester.

Nevertheless, the Australian prime minister mentioned that, if parents would prefer to take their children out of their academies, they could do so.

The Australian prime minister’s measures are following the steps that the government will review every month.

Earlier yesterday, the Commonwealth Government unleashed a second emergency stimulus package.

It amounted to $66 billion and serves as considerable help for the domestic economy that the coronavirus pandemic has tremendously pummelled.

This additional monetary aid targets the prevention of a recession and saving people’s employment.

Moreover, the second emergency stimulus plan consists of cash payments to small business organisations of as much as $100,000.

The Federal Government’s financial aid will give $25.2 billion to back enterprises and not-for-profit charitable groups as well.

Plus, it will partly guarantee loans to support lending to small and medium-sized business organisations amounting to $40 billion.

During a press conference in Parliament in Canberra, Morrison affirmed that his government would release more monetary packages and more financial support soon.

He confirmed that they in the government would supercharge the safety net of Australia, as well as back the country’s most vulnerable individuals.

Also, the Australian prime minister said that the banking system would receive more aid from the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The new emergency stimulus measures are more massive compared to the initial $17.6-billion stimulus plan of the Federal Government, according to Australian news outlet 9News.

Morrison’s administration announced this first government-backed financial aid on March 12. The Australian Government is also anticipating its proclamation of a third fiscal injection.

This development would come as the economy of Australia spirals towards its first recession in 29 years.

Furthermore, this measure is the country’s response to the progressing coronavirus crisis and the deepening economic repercussions of this pandemic.

At the time of writing, the number of coronavirus infections in Australia has surged to 1,098 confirmed cases.

Besides, seven citizens have already lost their lives due to the fatal ailment.

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