Qantas CEO Confirms Support from Employees after Layoffs Decision

Qantas CEO Confirms Support from Employees after Layoffs Decision

SYDNEY, Australia – Alan Joyce has spoken regarding the subsequent reactions of the employees of Qantas Airways Limited.

The chief executive officer of the official flag carrier of Australia affirmed that the staff members of the company had expressed their support for the latest stand-downs.

Joyce cited that he received plenty of backing from the workers who said that they comprehend the measures that the management of Qantas is taking.

Also, he mentioned that they received favourable responses as they, as company administrators, work hard to get their staff members back in their jobs.

On Thursday, the airline company declared that it would dismiss its 20,000 employees temporarily.

Joyce affirmed that it was the toughest choice that he has ever made in his life. Nonetheless, he maintained that his decision was reasonable.

It is because of the apparent collapse in the overseas bookings of the airline firm, he explained.

The chief of the Australian airline company also mentioned that there are no more travellers going to or exiting the country now.

He cited that this situation had been the scenario since the Commonwealth Government issued a travel prohibition.

Furthermore, Joyce confirmed the massive collapse in domestic flights. Therefore, he stated that they, unfortunately, needed to let go of two-thirds of their workforce.

The Qantas boss remarked that he broke the melancholic news to their workers this week through a personal letter, which, for him, was challenging to write.

Joyce relayed that they have no idea how long the workers would be unemployed. He said that it could last for six to nine months and even one year.

According to the report by Australian news outlet 9News, administrators of Qantas are currently discussing matters with trade unions.

Nevertheless, Joyce cited that people’s jobs still exist and that their staff members feel happy about this reality.

Plus, he mentioned that their employees feel grateful because their airline employer is coordinating with its partner firms.

Joyce said that they had been in talks with other Australian business organizations such as Telstra, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Coles, and Woolworths.

He cited that these major Australian firms require workers at this time due to the modifications in their enterprises.

Joyce remarked that these companies are also trying to provide temporary work for the employees of the airline company.

This situation is ongoing while the workers wait to get back to their work at Qantas.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the airline firm’s chief executive officer also believes that there would be a recession in Australia and around the world.

Joyce pointed out that their present experience is the worst crisis that the aviation sector has undergone.

It is because of the economic repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic, he said.

Joyce remarked that for the economy, situations are probably going to be much worse than the global financial crisis that happened more than a decade ago.

Moreover, he relayed that he supports the Australian Government’s measures to control the negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Joyce confirmed that Qantas supports the Federal Government entirely as it responds to the economic and health concerns which the society is presently facing.

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