Small Businesses in Australia: 3 Ways to Show Your Support

Small Businesses in Australia: 3 Ways to Show Your Support

Small businesses in Australia, especially the brick-and-mortar types, have been one of the most affected by the lockdown. With multiple corporations closing down their doors, some have tried weathering through the storm by sending their staff to work from home.

Moreover, the federal government have granted some companies an economic stimulus package, which includes cash payments of $100,000. The stimulus package will assist struggling entrepreneurs in keeping their businesses afloat. Furthermore, Australian banks have recently announced a loan repayment deferral for all business loans.

Yet with all these economic measures pushed by the Australian government, how could businesses survive amidst the coronavirus recession?

Well, one small help could come from their regular customers, of course! Support your favourite brand by taking heed of the suggestions below.

1.      Check Out Local Businesses Online

Right now, most states have ordered non-essential businesses to close down in response to the federal government’s mandate to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Hence, several small businesses in Australia are now adapting home delivery services for the very first time.

For local restaurants and cafés, offering delivery services to their patrons is not a way to keep making money during this time of crisis. Instead, it is a way for their employees to keep their jobs and stay productive.

On the other hand, some companies are revamping their offers and services. For example, flower businesses are now adding fruits and vegetables into their product lists. Moreover, some are coordinating with other local businesses.

Associate Marketing Professor of Deakin Business School, Nichola Robertson, suggested that customers set up crowdfunding pages online to gather financial support for business owners that are in grave need. Buying gift certificates may also help.

2.      Leave a Good Review for Small Businesses in Australia

Writing good online reviews could also boost the morale of local entrepreneurs and help them aim to do better, suggested Peter Strong, the CEO of Small Business Council of Australia. Good reviews tell businesses that customers value their services, and they should remain operational, he added.

Robertson also suggested how customers can help by proposing new ideas to their favourite stores. If anything has been making someone feel uncomfortable or need change, a direct, honest recommendation will help businesses adapt.

3.      Show Support by Becoming Understanding

With everything in chaos nowadays, mishaps may happen, and it is easy to become impatient.

The delivery driver has arrived late. The call wait time was almost forever. While monetary support may go a long way, Robertson said businesses could also make good use of every customer’s patience and understanding.

Robertson said patrons must become more tolerant, especially when things fail. Lower expectations over service levels, if possible. Do not expect the worst, though.

Everybody probably has a favourite café, gym, retailer, or hairdresser. While you cannot stop them from closing down temporarily, you can prevent their permanent closure. Supporting small businesses in Australia will not cost you a lot of money. By becoming understanding, leaving good reviews online, and supporting local businesses, you can positively contribute to your community. Furthermore, you get to help a lot of people from losing their livelihood.

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