What is a Quantity Surveyor?

Usually, a quantity surveyor would need to complete a proper tertiary degree course and needs to have some experience which is going to make them qualified for the membership of an Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyor. A quantity surveyor may typically work on projects that are ranging from schools, office blocks, hospitals, factories, railways, bridges, oil as well as mining development, large process engineering works like the oil refineries. Hence, they basically may work in any place where major construction work is being done. A Quantity Surveyor in Newcastle which also known by others as the Cost Manager or the Construction Economist is assumed to be one of the team professional advisers to the industry of construction.

As a professional advisor, they do approximate as well as monitor things like the construction costs from the initial stage of the construction of the project to the end of completion of the construction project. After the completion of the construction, they also may need to deal with the schedule of the tax depreciation, the approximations of the replacement costs for insurance, and if required, arbitration as well as mediation.

Quantity Surveyors may usually work with Architects, Engineers, Financiers, Contractors, Suppliers, Accountants, Project Owners, Solicitors, Insurance Underwriters, Courts, as well as all of the levels of the local government authorities. Quantity Surveyors obtained their name from the bill of quantities which is a type of documents that itemizes the quantity of labor and materials in a particular construction project. This is calculated from the design of the drawings, which are to be used by contractors to tender as well as payment of the progress for changes and variations and finally for taxation, statistics, as well as valuation.

Quantity Surveyors may also use some techniques like approximating, cost planning, cost analysis, value management and cost-in-use studies to establish a good budget for the project.

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