How to Whiten your Teeth at Home

Many people chose to modify their smiles on the account of their teeth color. This partly informed by  the misplaced notion that stained teeth cannot be remedied in a chef and lasting manner. However, this perception is often misinformed and wrong. The article covers how to whiten your teeth at home using readily available materials and fruits.


The first tip on how to whiten your teeth at home is simple and mundane. It calls for the constant brushing of teeth after eating any food. When this approach is used, the person has a higher chance reducing the causing agents behind yellow or stained teeth. However, this method may be impractical for many people since it is time consuming and largely inconvenient.  If you want white teeth fast, we recommend gogo smile teeth whitening kits.

The second working way of whitening teeth at home is by use of either baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide helps in the reduction of bacteria in the mouth. For best results, the user ought to use half and half of both peroxide and water. Baking soda can be made into a pulp to mimic the common toothpaste. The powder is stronger than ordinary fluoride toothpaste. In some cases, combination of both peroxide and baking soda has been found to have stronger effects more so when it comes to the removal of plaque.


The third effective way of whitening teeth is to use edible oil pulling. Edible oil pulling therapy has been found to be among the safest and healthiest ways of whitening teeth. Given that the pulling is natural, the user is assured of a certain level of protection even if he or she was to use the pulling and swallow accidentally. This is the most recommended way of whitening teeth. Simple reliance on chemicals can produce undesirable effects more so when swallowed. Coconut oil pulling is the most commonly used edible oil pulling.

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